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The Reason Why Most LEAN Programmes Fail to Deliver

THE MOST COMMON reason why most LEAN Programmes fail to deliver is lack of real engagement & sponsorship from the leaders of the business.

Lean improvement is NOT something that 'management' can get 'staff' to do!

To create a truly Lean business, EVERYONE must share the same commitment to Lean principles, promote Lean ways of working ….. And WALK the TALK.

It’s not easy to succeed in getting those at the top of a business to give a programme the support it requires – a strong charismatic sponsor can help – but the first step is getting Senior Managers and Directors to appreciate what LEAN can to for their business, what it means to them, and how they learn to modify their own behaviours if the initiative is to succeed.

In this way the leaders of the business can go further than asking people to 'do as I say' – they can lead by example and show how easy it is to make things better.

Our tailored leadership training programme is designed to engage business leaders, demonstrate how Lean applies to them and provide a simple structure which they can use to demonstrate their support to the wider organisation.

It helps Leaders to demonstrate how Lean can revitalise an organisation, how to nurture and encourage staff and how to secure and realise the expected bottom-line benefits.

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